Residential Pest Control

Pest Control For Home Owners

The damage that pests cause in Australian homes totals up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether it’s rats destroying your food supply or silverfish eating out half your favorite picture, residential pests pose more risk than their commercial counterparts. Nonetheless, residential pest control should be done carefully and professionally to avoid child, food or pet poisoning.

Examples of residential pests include; spiders, cockroaches, rodents, grain beetles, ants, weevils, silverfish, and Indian moths. Cockroaches are the most common residential pest and require uttermost detail when being controlled. These wall crawlers can enter your home through cracks and crevices, drain pipes, vents, and sewers.

The reason cockroaches are so comfortable in your house is because of the warmth, nesting sites, food, and water that is readily provided. Despite being known to wreak havoc, cockroaches can stay in your house for almost a whole year and you might never notice. Even worse, they reproduce unbelievably fast.

For every single cockroach you see, there are a lot more hiding in your house and reproducing. The reason you need to ensure that you control the cockroaches in your house professionally is because their eggs are naturally protected from insecticides, so spraying one or two cockroaches with insecticides cannot exterminate the entire colony.

On the other side of the spectrum, ants also can show up in numbers when they invade your residence. A single ant colony consists of up to 300,000 to 500,000 ants. Not to mention, in the event of disturbance to their natural habitat through improper control, a full colony can uproot and relocate itself very fast. These residential pests secrete pheromones that help other ants trace a food source, and the same applies to mass migration.

Ants can nest just about anywhere in and around your house; from your stumps, lawns, walls, and under foundations. Just like cockroaches and most of the other residential pests, ants mostly seek food and water in the storeroom areas or in the kitchen pantry. In addition, they live quite long – with the workers living for up to 7 years and the queen living for as long as 15 years.

Techniques Used

Whether dealing with cockroaches, rodents or ants, the key to proper residential pest control is not doing it all by yourself. There are many pesticides and chemicals involved to ensure that all the pests have been gotten rid of. In addition, some of these pesticides may be harmful to your health or to those around you.

The best way to control the pests is by first identifying them. After identifying the pests in your residence, call a professional and let them know. There are dozens of companies dealing with residential pest control in Brisbane. After contacting them, they are supposed to carry out an inspection to find out the extent of the damage, the nests, and estimated population before continuing with eradicating the pests from your residence.

Some of the advantages of residential pest control include little to no allergies or diseases such as Lynne disease, plague or malaria transmitted by pests, food durability, comfort at home, and you get to save money on repairs.