Fun Facts

We generally don’t associate the word “fun” with the common household bugs and rodents. However, it will be interesting to know if some amusement can be somehow injected into the sickening world of pests. This is why we have rounded up some pest control fun facts here to let you know some of the weird and unknown facts about the pests dwelling in your homes. These facts are bizarrely funny too.

Check out these amazing facts

  • Cockroaches can live for a few days even when they are beheaded.
  • As when compared to all the wars in history, mosquitoes have killed more human beings.
  • For one particular individual like you, there are around million ants. This implies the ratio of a human to ants is of 1:1000000.
  • Like queen ant, there is a soldier ant as well which is literally a soldier for the queen. These ants use their heads to block the entryways for stopping intruders from entering their nests.
  • If you put all the insects of the world on one side of the weighing scale and all the animals on the other, insects would easily outweigh the animals.
  • Silverfish can live long without food and is known for not feeding during last third of each instar.
  • Probably the most annoying creature, house fly, can only annoy you for fourteen days because this is what its life span is.
  • Taste buds of bees are located on their feet and this is how they taste their food. No wonder why they dig their feet inside a flower instead of their mouths!
  • When the time for a honey bee queen comes to die, it emits a pheromone. This makes the bee smell like a stranger in the colony and all the workers of the colony form a ball and kill her. A queen is a queen!
  • Have you ever heard about a division of labor in each termite colony? There are several divisions in a termite colony depending upon the distinct castes and each caste specializes in a particular activity.
  • Male crickets ‘sing’ to attract females. Men are same everywhere!
  • Some caterpillars mimic the markings of the snake. This is their trick to keep predators from eating them.
  • The skeleton of bugs is made of a material similar to our hair and nails and is on the outside of their body. Have you ever heard a crunching sound when you stepped on a bug? This is the sound of their skeletons shattering.