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Privacy Statement – 123 Pest Control Brisbane

This website respects privacy and confidentiality of the data submitted by the users and / or collected by this website. The purpose of this document is to educate you about the collection, usage and sharing of the information collected during your visit or registration to this website. Your personal information includes the data through which your identity can be disclosed.
This privacy policy is in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Which Information is Collected

This website collects the data which you enter on the forms of this website along with your location data and language preferences. This information may be provided during your sign up process. The data may also be collected during usage of various services offered by this website. Moreover, this website also collects data by using cookies. Examples of the data collected are your name, address, email number, device identifier and location, etc.
If you are not signing up with this website, then your personal data is not collected and only some technical data such as browser version, date, time, device type are collected.

Why We Collect Data

We collect your data to give you a more tailored and customized services. It also helps us to provide better services to the visitors of this website. Your data may be used to identify you while using services of this website through sign in process. Some technical data is collected for gauging performance of the website and other analytical purposes.

Collection of Sensitive Information

Some sensitive information such as ethnicity, gender, religion or your opinion about any product or service can be collected upon your express consent. This information is protected stringently and not shared with any other website.

Protection of Your Information

Your information is protected by this website and in no circumstances willfully shared with any unauthorized entity. Our employees are educated about the importance of confidentiality of your data and not to share your data with anyone on their own. The servers containing your information have restricted physical access and up to date security software to prevent theft of information.

Sharing of Your Information

Your information can be shared with Law Enforcement Agencies or Government Organizations upon their express request in written form. Moreover, some of your information such as email address can be shared with our partner websites to provide you enhance services.

Accessing / Modifying Your Information

You can access and modify your information, which you have stored on this website. Please remember a sign in will be required for this purpose.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This website reserves the right to change the policy at any time. However, you will be notified about the changes being made and how they affect you.

Your Rights & Obligations

It is your right to ask us not to use your information for marketing purposes. It is your obligation to provide us accurate data.

Contacting Us

Your input on this privacy policy is highly appreciated. If you have any queries, suggestions or require further information, you can contact us through: –

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