Pest Inspections

Building & Pest Inspections

Pest inspection is a way to gain control of any pest situation before it becomes calamitous. Professional inspections often require a fee and it varies between different pest control companies in Brisbane but not to a great extent. These companies also offer pre-purchase inspection and provide handover reports for new homes to ensure you don’t move into a pest infested house.

Nonetheless, you can also make your own inspection before calling in the experts so as to at least have an overview of the amount of damage that has been done or the risk the pests in your home or office pose. You can do this by checking for holes into the wood in your walls or near food sources such as cabinets.

In addition, you can use a hand mirror to check for rodent droppings. Scattered or chewed food is another sign of pests in your home as well as chewed wires or disturbed insulation. Most of these messes are left behind by rodents and the bigger the mess the bigger the number of pests there are.

If you are lucky enough, you can find a rodent nest. However, this may cause them to move before you get a chance to call the fumigator and in case you don’t and assume they moved, they may return to the same nest or some of the eggs they leave behind might hatch and continue with their destructive endeavors.

Check your house for leaks, pooling water or moisture as well since they are a chief attraction to insects, rodents, and a variety of pests. Little piles of sawdust on the floor also indicate that something has been chewed off your wall or on the ceiling. This information is especially useful to professionals in pest control companies and ultimately makes their job easier and faster. The only advantage that they have over you and your findings is better knowledge of the pest, better equipment, and the best way to control it.

A pest control professional should inspect the outdoor perimeter of the house to look for entry points that pests can use and the indoor perimeter as well to find their nests. They can also quickly identify the pests in your home with regard to the droppings found and assess the damage they have done.

If looking for a company to aid in pest inspection, look for one that operates with an integrated pest management approach. In doing so, the company should provide you with a report detailing damages, how they plan to handle your situation and advise you on workable strategies to manage or control your pest problems in the future.