Pest Licensing Queensland

Pest Management Licensing Queensland

In Queensland, the strategies, permits, and legislation in Pest control are developed, administered and contained in the Biosecurity Act 2014.

The Biosecurity Queensland and Local Government handles all issues on pest control licenses Queensland state, and other pest-related services, needed for a person or entity to operate a pest control business within the state.


Queensland Department of Health

To qualify for the Pest Control Operator license, one must apply for a commercial license first. The following procedures must be met for a complete application for the license:

  • Qualification of Unrestricted license must first be gained through accreditation. Application for the license can be made by applying to Biosecurity Queensland.
  • The Commercial Operators License application form completed here, and payment made as shown below.

Application fee starting from 1st July 2016

  • 1 Year at $30.95
  • 3 Years at $72.7

• Copies of Statement of attainment must accompany the application, for certification by the Commissioner for Declaration or Justice of the Peace. The nearest office can be found here.

Transferring to Queensland:

If you are relocating from another state and wish to continue operating in Queensland, you must hold statements of attainment from either the Interstate Registration Training Organization (RTO) or Queensland to show competencies in the following.

  • AHCCHM303 or RTC3704A – In Preparation and Application of Chemicals
  • AHCPMG301 or RTC3401A – Weed Control
  • AHCCHM304 or RTC3705A – Transportation and Storage of Chemicals.

If the statements and relevant documents are available, the Queensland Commercial License can be applied for.


The legislation used in Queensland, pertaining to the pest control laws include:

  • Queensland Building Services Authority Regulation 2003 – according to the Building Services Authority Act passed in 1991.
  • Pest Management Regulation 2003 – according to the Pest Management Act enacted in 2001.
  • Part 52 of the regulation concerns itself with the termite controllers licensing in inspection of the completed buildings.
  • Part 53 of the regulation concerns itself with chemical and physical barriers installers licensing for finished buildings.

Licensing Authority

Licenses can be issued from the following departments.

  • Queensland Government Department of Health – Issues commercial and domestic Pest Control Licenses.
  • Queensland Government Department Industries – Issues horticultural and agricultural licenses.


Courses Needed

There are three categories in Pest Management Licenses which include:

  • Fumigation license- Requirements, include completion of unit 11 in Pest Management Technical
  • Pest Management License -The license is given, upon completion of the Asset Maintenance in Pest Management Technical units 5, 6 and 18. The application form can be found here.
  • Pest Management License which includes timber pests – A license application requires the completion of the Asset Maintenance in Pest Management Technical units 5, 6 and 18, and units 8 & 10.

The application form for the three licenses can be found downloaded from Queensland Health here.